Nathaniel Schnehage

Nathaniel Schnehage
b: 27 Mar 1846
d: 21 Sep 1907
?b?Nathaniel?/b? * Winburg 27.3.1846 + "Doornpoort" 21.9.1907 (61.6) (VAB MHG ref. S3236) # Doornpoort farm cemetery, Distr. Winburg - name spelt Nathanael on grave stone) (Owners of Doornpoort since 1923: Theron (Mrs. Mara Theron) P.O.Box 24, Winburg, 9420. Tel. 05242 ask for 3522) Also owner of farm "Grootkuil" of which the house was burnt down by British soldiers during the ABW. (TAB CJC 714/827)
According to TAB CJC 714.828 he was a farmer and lived on "Doornpoort", 6 miles south of Winburg.

He was an invalid and therefore never on commando. On 4.5.1900 the commando of Andries Cronje? arrived on Doornpoort after the battle of Welkom. After offering them refreshments, he persuaded them not to remain on his farm. Nevertheless, the next day British soldiers ransacked his farm and imprisoned him for two days, alleging that he provided the Boers with arms and ammunition.

Mr. vd Linde told me that the story goes that Winston Churchill was on Doornpoort during the ABW. According to John Boje, this is quite possible, as after Churchill's escape from Pretoria he was, reluctantly, allowed by Lord Roberts to accompany British troops and was with the force of Ian Hamilton during the occupation of Winburg; May-June 1900. See Churchill's book: "Ian Hamilton's March",Voluntary surrender Feb 1901 to Major Lyon. Swore oath of allegiance 24.8.1901.
It would seem that he was in the employ of the Post Office before the ABW:
( VAB GS 1698.R1028/1897 - Posmeester Generaal. Bedanking JL Steyn Assistent Gouvernements Gebouwen. Beveelt aan N SCHNEHAGE in zijn plaats en S van der Berg in plaats van SCHNEHAGE)

His father, F.P. Schnehage disenhereted Martha Sshnehage, and her childeren for marrying an Englishman Dr. James Gibson, against his will, who parctised as a doctor in Winburg and farmed on "Grootkuil". He died in 1876 in Grahamstown and Martha in1876 already in Pietermarizburg.

Although F.P. Schnehage changed his will the day before he died and included a codicil that excluded the "children's children" from inherriting. This codocil seems to ignore the three Gibson Children of Martha totally as well as excluded Johannes Schnehage's, five sons that were already born by 1888 but Johannes himself inherrited well with his other siblings that were alive.

Johannes schnehage was married in Kimberley in 1871, where his brother in law Dr. James Gibson was practicing as doctor and was part time medical Superitendent of De Beers Mine. Johannes' oldest son was named after his father and his brother in law, Frederick, James Schnehage were born in kimberley on 20 Aug 1872, 3 month after Dr. James Gibson died in Grahamstown where he went to help with a contagious epidemic and die there himself.

Henrietta Schnehage also did leave them a small portion of her wealth in her testament and again side stepped his apathy of his daughter and her granchildren.

Nathaniel, however being Martha's jounger brother, cared for her children and included the Gibson sons in his will and Fred ( CFJP) Gibson, the joungest son of Dr. James and Martha Gibson, farmed for him and he inherreted "Uncles Gift" from his uncle which was a subdivision of "Doornpoort". The Gibson children was treated fiarly and according to a formula which left each Schnehage brother and sister equally.

Nathaniel Schnehage also became the gaurdian of the youg Gibson children after the death of FP Schnehage on the 6th of December 1888.

Nathaniel, also changed his will a few days before he died to appoint David Gerhardus Roux as co- executor with his brothers, up to then the only executors, and the two codicils was witnessed by two of the Gibson brothers, Fred and Willy with the second signature that of E Y Dobinson. He then also made provision in his will in these Codicils dated 21.8.1907, for Mitha (Bossie) Windvogel, his domestic servant, to the amount of ?300; ?50 to build herself a house and ?250 to be invested for her to live off the interest. Upon her death the principal amount had to be paid out to her sons Arnoldus and Hermanus in yearly installments of five years. This was administered by Caleb until his death in 1934. In 1939 a petition was made to the High Court on behalf of Mitha and Arnoldus (VAB HG 4/2/1/1/606) to have one fifth of the principal amount paid out to Arnoldus (50) who was supporting his elderly mother, his own wife and child Nathaniel, (11), as well as the two younger children of his brother Hermanus who had died the previous year (14.3.1938) in Coronation Township, Johannesburg. These children, Flora (12) and Abraham (8), as well as their uncle, went by the surname Schnehage.

At his death, Nataniel Schnehage owned Doornpoort nr.19, Grootkuil 272, Dooan 480, Paardeveld 466 the latter three farms (15,859 morgen) was sold by his ececutor to Mr. Willam Cook for 9250.0.0 pound cash. All lose assets were also sold as well as the remainder of Doornpoort , except Uncles Gift (1000 morgen to Fred Gibson), to Mr. H.J.G van Zyl for 7550.0.0 pound sterling.
  • 27 Mar 1846 - Birth - ; Winburg, South Africa
  • 21 Sep 1907 - Death - ; Doornpoort, Winburg
Friederich Peter Schnehage
1 Mar 1811 - 6 Sep 1888
Nathaniel Schnehage
27 Mar 1846 - 21 Sep 1907
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Friederich Peter Schnehage
Birth1 Mar 1811Altona Hamburg, Germany
Death6 Sep 1888 Winburg, South Africa
Marriage26 Jun 1839to Margerethe Henrietta Vradelmina Muller at Altona, Hamburg (DN)
PARENT (F) Margerethe Henrietta Vradelmina Muller
Birth24 Jan 1822Kopenhagen, Denmark
Death6 May 1909 Winburg, Orange Freestate, South africa
Marriage26 Jun 1839to Friederich Peter Schnehage at Altona, Hamburg (DN)
FatherJoachim Johann Heinrich Muller
MCaleb Schnehage
Birth1863Winburg, South Africa
Death21 Jul 1934Winburg, South Africa
MFriederich Peter Schnehage
Birth10 Sep 1854Winburg, Free State, South Africa
Death1887Drown at see
MJohannes Schnehage
BirthOct 1849Winburg, South Africa
Death3 Apr 1927Vredefort, Orange Free State
Marriage1871to Cornelia Jacoba Oosterlaak at Kimberley, South Africa
FLydia Schnehage
Birth10 Oct 1852Winburg, South Africa
Death4 Sep 1942Hamburg, Germany
MarriageMar 1887to William Henry Aspden at Bloemfontein Magistrate offices
FMaria Schnehage
Birth22 Nov 1856Winburg, South Africa
Death16 Nov 1930Hamburg, Germany
Marriageto Maria Schnehage at unmarried
FMartha Margaretha Schnehage
Birth10 Dec 1843Winburg, Free State, South Africa
Death24 Jan 1876Pietermarizburg, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa
Marriage3 Jun 1861to James Gibson at Winburg, South Africa
MNathaniel Schnehage
Birth27 Mar 1846Winburg, South Africa
Death21 Sep 1907Doornpoort, Winburg
MOtto Schnehage
Birth27 Mar 1842Graaff Reinet, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Death3 Dec 1842Graaff Reinet, Eastern Cape, South Africa
MOtto Schnehage
Birth26 Apr 1840Graaf Reinet, South Africa
Death26 Apr 1840Graaf Reinet, South Africa