Friederich Peter Schnehage

Friederich Peter Schnehage
b: 1 Mar 1811
d: 6 Sep 1888
"Free state pioneer and founder member of Winburg. Member of the Volksraad.
Emigrated to SA in the early forties and settled in Winburg in 1844 where he spent the rest of his life. At that stage this small settlement, together with Potchefstroom, formed part of the group of united Voortrekkers (verenigde "maatschappij") under the aegis of the Natal Volksraad. He opened one of the first general stores (negotie winkels) in the Free State and since he was a man of some education, who had seen something of the world, he was a considerable help to the Boer emigrants in administrative and legislative matters. Thus he acted as secretary to the landdros, Willem Jacobs, and gradually identified himself with the fortunes, good or bad, of the Free Staters. FP openly supported the Boer's resistance to the British annexation of the territory in 1848. When Sir Harry Smith arrived at Winburg after the battle of Boomplaats (29.8.1848), FP was accused by his enemies, mainly rival merchants, of violent anti- British sympathies and actions as well as of supporting Andries Pretorius. He appeared with a "riem" (halter) around his neck in front of Smith who, in uncontrolled rage, nearly had him hanged.' (Hans van Rensburg, leader of the Ossewa Brandwag, tells the story that it was the impassioned pleas of the beautiful "Frau" Schnehage that made him change his mind. - See full extract at the end of this document) 'FP was fined two hundred pounds instead. It was the reaction of his supporters in particular, who rejoiced at his pardon that enabled his wife to raise the money quickly. The treatment he received from the Cape Governor evidently prompted two inhabitants of Winburg, P.A. and W. Venter, to provide him with the necessary capital to expand his business into a flourishing concern. In due course he became a wealthy man and owner of several farms in the district. He proved a staunch supporter of independence for the OFS and was one of those who signed the Bloemfontein Convention (23.2.1854)' (His signature can be viewed in the War Museum in Johannesburg -Peter) 'He served as a member of the Volksraad for nearly twenty years: from 1856 to 1864 for the town of Winburg and from 1867 to 1878 for the Winburg district, Midden Sandrivier. He was on important committees, among others that which concluded the peace treaty with the Transvaal Republic on 1.6.1857. He pressed for closer affiliation with the Cape Colony, being convinced that the OFS was surrounded by enemies and that it had been weakened since many burghers had gone over to the Transvaal Republic. FP did everything in his power to get J.H. Brand elected as State President, and once Brand had assumed office a strong friendship developed between them. In 1869 FP acted as temporary chairman of the Volksraad and during Brand's illness (October 1872) was appointed one of the three special commissioners to govern with all the powers and privileges of the State President. The other commissioners were W. Collins and G. J. du Toit. FP grew to be recognized as a leading personality in Winburg and vicinity. In 1854 and again in 1861 he acted temporarily as landdros. When Winburg received a town council in August 1861, he and J.D. Cilliers were elected the first committee members. During the Second Basuto War (1865 - 1866) as well as the Third Basuto War (1867 - 1868) FP was appointed field-cornet, his function being to arrange protection of the town against attacks. He was also Justice of the Peace; a member of the committee for issuing liquor licences, and was on the school committee for many years. A pioneer who lived through the ups and downs of the Free State during almost all its evolutionary political phases of the nineteenth century, FP was known and respected throughout the state towards the end of his life. He was not only a tireless advocate of an independent Orange Free State, but with his enlightened ideas made a special contribution to its political and economical development in general and that of Winburg and vicinity in particular. He promoted a feeling of unity in the Free State through his understanding of the English speaking section, with whom he was very popular. He was also particularly known for his total rejection of dishonesty. Neat in appearance, his beard and hair were thick and his features strong." (Extract from South African Bibliographical Dictionary, Vol. 5)

"Gedara" no 403 and "Blesbokfontein" no 34, together 4973 morgen, 338 square roods, between Winburg and Senekal. These two farms were bequeathed to FP's children subject to a fideicommissum trust in which the farms were entailed to pass on to the next generations of heirs. Johnny (b5c5) administered these two farms from 1929 until his death. The farms were divided into 7 parts and leased out to tenants. The trust became impractical because of the increasing number of heirs, and in 1963 Quintin (b5c5d5) brought an application before the High Court in Bloemfontein to have the trust terminated. Granted 11.8.1966 (Farms were sold for R149 000 - Peter)
"Rietvlei" which is still in the Gibson family (b3c4d3e3f2), now incorporated in "Demilander" ("Gedara" and "Blesbokfontein" also adjoin "Demilander.")
"Wormwood" - Gibson c4,d1,d3e2 then sold to Coetzee. "Uncle's Gift"- Gibson c5
"Summerville" - 8000 morgen in the Hertzogville district. (In Caleb's time it became a game farm / reserve, open to the public. In 1964 it was expropriated by OFS provincial government. Family lost the court case. - Peter)
"Mooifontein", (also called Kalkfontein, situated on the Vetriver; the farm house was burnt down during the ABW) and "Called Back" (These two farms went to William b5c3) "Gooi de Hoed" belonging to FP's widow during the ABW when the farmhouse was partly burnt, livestock seized and the black overseer Stephen Kgabale and his family taken to the Doornrivier Camp; (TAB CJC 714.827)
"Zeekoegat"; 2262 morgen 264 square roods - Caleb ( and Deelkop"?)
"Zeekoegat" was bequeathed to Johnny in Caleb's will, but sold at auction after Caleb's death on 19.10.1935 (??) (I had contact with a Nico Vermaak whose grandfather bought Zeekoegat from Johnny in the late 30's. Apparently Johnny made him a loan to be able to do this. He wonders whether the farm was not divided in two, because the Zeekoegat he knew was about 1000 morgen. Mr. Vermaak sold the farm in the fifties. In the nineties the farm belonged to De Klerks, and is currently in the possession of Martin and Annatjie Van Heerden, according to the name plate)
Nathaniel owned "Doornpoort"( and "Grootkuil" according to TAB CJC 714.827)

"We were all sent away very young to first class boarding schools, the girls to Cape Town where we remained until grown up. Three of my brothers were sent to Europe" - Lydia letter to Bertha Gibson VAB HG 4/2/1/1/651. 390/1942

Extract: "Their Paths Crossed Mine" by Hans van Rensburg. Published by CNA Ltd. SA; 1956 pto
"The Great Trek had started and Lang Hans, a young man of 26, was one of those seeking a new country. About 1845 he settled in the village of Winburg, the first Voortrekker town in the Orange Free State, and built the house where, somewhat altered and enlarged, I spent my childhood.
Lang Hans, the Voortrekker, was my great-grandfather.
For some time Winburg was the capital and focal point of the newly established fatherland and for that reason a good bit of Free State history occurred in its vicinity. Some of these incidents have been noted in history; others have not.
Among those things which have escaped notice and which I regard as of sufficient human interest to deserve mention was the day when the British representative, the dashing Sir Harry Smith, wanted to hang Herr Schnehage in the Church Square - hang him in public and as an awful example. It was in the aftermath of the first Boer rebellion, led by Andries Pretorius and broken by Sir Harry at Boomplaats in the southern Free State. Some of the old inhabitants, whom I had known in my childhood, were eyewitnesses and one of them, my maternal grandmother, told me of what she saw - much to my boyhood appreciation for the dramatic.
The Free State Boers had not left all they had laboriously built up in the Cape Colony in order to be reannexed by the British. Very naturally they resisted. Andries Pretorius, breaker of the Zulu power of Dingaan at Blood River, led the "rebels" and did his best to achieve a second victory. Sir Harry Smith defeated the Boers at Boomplaats and Andries Pretorius became an outlaw, with two thousand English pounds on his head. Sir Harry moved further northward and eventually entered Winburg. He was anything but benevolent in his humour. As he himself had been wounded at Boomplaats, this ire was understandable. He felt that these mutinous Boers against Her Majesty needed a sharp lesson; sharp and in Her Majesty's interests. That Her Majesty's interests and the smarting of his wound happened to coincide was - coincidence.
Only one thing averted a miserable tragedy in that Winburg Church Square - the extraordinary beauty of a woman!
It is a far cry from Badajoz in Spain to that square in Winburg; and yet Sir Harry heard it, or heard its echo. Neither distance nor passage of time had dimmed his appreciation of feminine charm. Be the enemy Napoleon Bonaparte or Andries Pretorius, a beautiful woman remains a beautiful woman. Sir Harry's biographers tell that after the bloody battle of Badajoz the young English officer saw Fair Helen in a Spanish girl, Juana, and that, before he left the Peninsula, she had become his wife. Two towns in our Fatherland bear the senora's name. However, we are dealing not so much with history as with Sir Harry's roving eye for beauty. This is where Frau Schnehage steps into Winburg's history.
When Sir Harry entered the town with his troops he was determined to find a scapegoat; by hook, if possible, by crook if necessary. This scapegoat, whoever he might be, must dangle from the gallows as a warning to all and sundry.
There was a much respected shopkeeper in town, a German by the name of Schnehage. Apart from having a flourishing business he also had an extremely fair wife. Beauty was not her only quality, for she must obviously have been endowed with courage and initiative. In search for the gallows-bird-to-be Sir Harry landed on this unfortunate Teuton and swore that the gunpowder and bullets which had tried his men so sorely at Boomplaats had been furnished to the Boers by this selfsame Schnehage; which may or may not have been true, Schnehage being a general dealer.
In any event, Sir Harry was set upon making a fearful example and summarily ordered Schnehage to be hanged from a convenient tree in the Church Square, and that the townspeople should be drummed together to watch this bloody business. Redcoats led the poor man to the tree and nobody in Winburg seemed able to avert the imminent execution. That is to say, nobody but one - his comely wife.
Frau Schnehage broke through the guards and threw herself at Sir Harry's feet, pleading for her husband's life.
The old gallant of Badajoz gazed upon the beautiful suppliant. He realised there and then that the quality of mercy is not strained; it would be a monstrous pity if so attractive a woman should be left widowed and unprotected. Herr Schnehage, who had already commended his soul to God, was unbound and set at liberty.
No hanging occurred in Winburg on that day.

The son of this fair angel of salvation, Dr. Caleb Schnehage, later became a well-known medico in the Free State and, in his old age, saw me through several childish complaints, including a fractured leg."

"We were all sent away very young to first class boarding schools, the girls to Cape Town where we remained until grown up. Three of my brothers were sent to Europe" - Lydia letter to Bertha Gibson VAB HG 4/2/1/1/651. 390/1942

Acknowledgements: To the family research done by Johnny Schnehage in respect to the unwinding of the Trust as well as to all contributing family rembers as well as:

John Boje on SAGenforum
(John is working on a book about Winburg during the ABW.)
His sources: Familia 22:1 p. 24
Free State Archives (A119.1190) - Schnehage family
CJC 714.828 (Nathaniel)
National Archives Pretoria CJC 693.196 (Caleb)
Transvaal Archives CJC 705.504 (Gibson)
Neville Schnehage ( b5c7d3) Bloemfontein 051 436 5133
Peter Schnehage (b5c5d1e2) Krugersdorp 072 253 7275
Alf Schnehage (b5c5d2e1) Cape Town 021 691 6485
Magdaleen Gibson (x b3c4d3e3) Marquard 051 991 0362
Acknowledgements: To the family research done by Johnny Gibson in respect to the unwinding of the Trust as well as to all contributing family rembers as well as:
  • 1 Mar 1811 - Birth - ; Altona Hamburg, Germany
  • 6 Sep 1888 - Death - ; Winburg, South Africa
Friederich Peter Schnehage
1 Mar 1811 - 6 Sep 1888
Descendancy Chart
Friederich Peter Schnehage b: 1 Mar 1811 d: 6 Sep 1888
Margerethe Henrietta Vradelmina Muller b: 24 Jan 1822 d: 6 May 1909
Caleb Schnehage b: 1863 d: 21 Jul 1934
Friederich Peter Schnehage b: 10 Sep 1854 d: 1887
Johannes Schnehage b: Oct 1849 d: 3 Apr 1927
Cornelia Jacoba Oosterlaak b: 28 Sep 1854 d: 17 Jul 1919
Frederik James Schnehage b: 20 Aug 1872 d: 29 Apr 1895
William Nathaniel Schnehage b: 25 Aug 1878 d: 13 Jun 1956
Violet Edith Robertson b: 9 Jun 1889 d: 28 Jul 1972
John William Schnehage b: 8 Jul 1881 d: 6 Jul 1960
Albert Arnoldus Schnehage b: 1884 d: 17 Jan 1926
Lilian Mary Cox b: 30 Aug 1890 d: 25 May 1954
Lydia Schnehage b: 10 Oct 1852 d: 4 Sep 1942
Maria Schnehage b: 22 Nov 1856 d: 16 Nov 1930
Maria Schnehage b: 22 Nov 1856 d: 16 Nov 1930
Martha Margaretha Schnehage b: 10 Dec 1843 d: 24 Jan 1876
James Gibson b: 2 Mar 1836 d: 23 May 1872
Arthur Clement Gibson b: 3 Mar 1865 d: 18 Oct 1899
Anna Maria De Villiers d: 7 Sep 1927
Athur Cyril Bertrand Gibson b: 1899 d: 1899
George Frank Clifford Gibson b: 31 Mar 1896 d: 28 Mar 1961
Josephine Jooste b: 7 Nov 1904 d: 10 Apr 1997
Eugene Delaray Gibson b: 2 Jun 1942
Beatrix Susanna Marx b: 13 Aug 1942
Gustav Gibson b: 9 Aug 1998
Josephine Eugenie Gibson b: 7 Feb 1969 d: 22 Feb 1976
Yvonne Hope Campbell b: 1 Sep 1929 d: 8 Jan 1999
Cheryl Yvonne Gibson b: 15 Sep 1952 d: 20 May 2012
Peter Wallach b: 9 Aug 1948 d: 28 Feb 1990
Konrad Gunter Wallach b: 7 May 1975
Maurice O'Connor b: 21 Jul 1948
Shane Ryan O'Connor b: 24 Sep 1977
Paul Llewellyn Gibson b: 11 Aug 1954
Jane Bewsey b: 9 May 1946
Andrew John Gibson b: 11 Dec 1980
Belinda Jane Gibson b: 30 Apr 1978
Debra Ludwig b: 9 May 1958
Josephine Annie Vera Gibson b: 22 Mar 1931
Pieter Willem Bouer b: 16 Jan 1927
Nicolaas Cornelius Carstens b: 10 Feb 1926
George Cornelius Carstens b: 13 May 1961 d: 13 Dec 2001
Walter Georg Heynacker b: 18 Nov 1921
Desiree Liliane Heynecker b: 19 Dec 1955
Damiand Ruggierd b: 15 May 1955
Guiseppe George Ruggierd b: 12 Mar 1990
Christine Gibson b: 1981
Michele Gibson b: 1979
Helena Elizabeth van Aswegen b: 27 Mar 1939 d: 3 Nov 2005
Lydia Susan Gibson b: 12 Mar 1960
Valery Sybil May Gibson b: 10 May 1923 d: 24 May 2007
Johannes Henricus Abraham b: 15 Nov 1908 d: 1983
Clarence Edgar Francis b: 26 Jan 1916 d: 1980
Herbert Clifford Francis b: 25 Jan 1961
Lilian Mary Rosalie Gibson b: 1894 d: 7 Sep 1927
Johannes van der Spuy b: 1892 d: 16 Mar 1959
Johannes van der Spuy b: 4 May 1923
Romano van der Spuy b: 16 Oct 1946
Colleen Coulter b: 15 Jun 1929
Alexander Coulter b: 1899 d: 2 Nov 1933
Colleen Coulter b: 15 Jun 1929
Linda Coleen Matticks b: 24 Jun 1961
Johannes van der Spuy b: 4 May 1923
Charles Francis Gibson b: 21 Oct 1863 d: 7 Dec 1863
Charles Frederick Joseph Paton Gibson b: 16 Jul 1869 d: 2 Sep 1927
Ivy Millicent de Swardt b: Abt Mar 1897 d: 4 Jun 1943
Annie Eliza Jane de Swardt b: 27 Aug 1877 d: 17 Sep 1918
Audrey Gibson b: 12 Feb 1915 d: 1972
Michel Casparus Schimper b: 11 Jan 1937
Lukas Wilhelm Meyer b: 7 Nov 1961
Frederick Gibson b: 30 Jan 1913 d: Abt 1985
Violet Hofmeyr b: 18 Jul 1913 d: 19 Nov 2004
Frederick Hofmeyr Gibson b: 22 Aug 1942 d: 16 Jul 2013
Cindy Lee Gibson b: 26 Mar 1970
Derek John Blignaut b: 8 Jul 1971
Kyle John Blignaut b: 15 May 1997
Shane Kenneth Blignaut b: 15 Apr 1987
Frederick George Gibson b: 9 Dec 1963
Judith Tyson b: 3 Jun 1964
Jacqueline Gibson b: 2 Jul 1987
Yvette Gibson b: 26 Nov 1983
Quinton Lourens b: 23 Sep 1974
Aimee-Rain Gibson Lourens b: 15 Oct 2007
Lathyn Gibson Lourens b: 23 Sep 2005
Natalie Yvonne Gibson b: 13 Feb 1966
Candice Monique Pelser b: 15 Oct 1987
Fae-Anne du Preez b: 3 Jul 2010
Odin Michael du Preez b: 26 Jan 2012
Michael Walter Pelser b: 6 Jun 1983
Carmel Wallace b: 16 Nov 1994
Eran Wallace b: 5 Nov 1998
Carrol Moir b: 23 Jun 1956
Guy Moir b: 29 Jan 1977
Thyan Moir b: 5 Oct 1998
Ethan Moir b: 15 Feb 2002
Jeanette Gibson b: 24 Apr 1938
John Harold Gibson b: 12 Apr 1944
Wanda Cecilia Beckwith b: 27 Sep 1951
Kim Tracy Gibson b: 24 Dec 1974
Glen van Rooyen b: Abt 1974
Abigail Sarah van Rooyen b: 8 Sep 2006
Alexa Rachel van Rooyen b: 9 Sep 2003
Vanessa Gibson b: 3 Aug 1979
Aerin Pheby b: 11 Jan 2011
Dana Pheby b: 27 Jul 2012
Yvonne Gibson b: 6 Jan 1936 d: 8 Feb 1998
Kurt Norbert Hilscher b: 20 Jan 1961
Peter Helmut Hilscher b: 17 Nov 1959
Stuart Hans Hilscher b: 13 Jan 1957
Nathaniel Gibson b: 4 Aug 1910 d: 9 May 1965
Henrietta Oberholzer b: 16 Dec 1914 d: 28 Mar 1998
Jan Albert Gibson b: 17 Jan 1947
Maria Knauff b: 27 May 1946
Charles Frederick Gibson b: 23 Jan 1973
Karin Botha b: 17 Oct 1975
James Brandan Gibson b: 4 Jan 2002
Jan Albert Gibson b: 22 Dec 1999
Vinique Gibson b: 29 May 1998
Christina Maria Gibson b: 22 Dec 1968
Alta Blignaut b: 15 Sep 1997
Maria Blignaut b: 7 Mar 1996
Annie Jeanette Gibson b: 3 Jul 1941
Charles Frederick Gibson b: 26 Mar 1940 d: 1972
Maria Elizabeth Gibson b: 21 Aug 1938
Helen Marisa Kingsley b: 6 Mar 1971
Mariza Bezuidenhout b: 5 Feb 1992
Henriette Kingsley b: 13 Oct 1964
Nathaniel Gibson b: 15 Aug 1959
Marie Ronel Pienaar b: 12 Feb 1961
Frederick Nathaniel Gibson b: 18 Nov 1981
Rene Naude b: 14 Apr 1983
Reinette Gibson b: 28 Feb 1985
Thomas Henri Dumas Gibson b: Jan 1862 d: Jan 1863
William Francis Parker Gibson b: 31 May 1867 d: 25 Sep 1937
Aletta Johanna Kramer b: 1868 d: 15 Jun 1951
Adelaide Maude Gibson b: 27 Sep 1895
Bartholomew Saaiman b: 30 Dec 1937
Barend Theunis Gibson b: 24 Feb 1900
Conway Rupert Gibson b: 29 Sep 1944
Gilmour William Gibson b: 28 Aug 1939
Lorraine Gibson b: 24 Dec 1932
Caleb George Gibson b: 18 Feb 1891
Cornelia Magdalena Kramer b: 27 Mar 1891
Aletta Jacoba Kotze b: 12 Dec 1952
Cornelia Magdalena Kotze b: 28 Aug 1945
Caleb George Gibson b: 3 May 1949
Eldoreen Gibson b: 28 Sep 1972
Franco Engelbrect b: 18 Jan 2003
Janco Engelbrect b: 7 Apr 2007
Mary Sarah Gibson b: 14 Sep 1970
Alma Fourie b: 8 Mar 1951
Louise Philippus Fourie b: 9 Feb 1953
Maria Magdalena Fourie b: 7 Jul 1954
Guillaume Bruwer b: 19 Dec 2005
Mirreille Bruwer b: 12 Feb 2007
Maryna Gibson b: Abt 1968
Guillaume Bruwer b: 19 Dec 2005
Mirreille Bruwer b: 12 Feb 2007
Gertrude Louise Venter b: 23 Sep 1958
Carmen Gibson b: 14 Apr 1983
Leon George Gibson b: 2 Dec 1980
Louise-Marie Gibson b: 15 Mar 1987
Gert Cornelis Pienaar b: 25 Mar 1985
Theo Leon Gibson b: 1 Apr 1952
Daniel Lukas van der Heever b: 25 May 1951
Caleb George Gibson b: 30 Aug 1943
Cornelia Magdalena Gibson b: 21 Jun 1954
Cornelius Adriaan Gibson b: 15 Nov 1946
Martha Susanna Coetzee b: 29 Jan 1945
Abrie Gibson b: 19 Feb 1968
Adriaan Jacobus van Niekerk b: 17 Feb 1991
Ruaan van Niekerk b: 18 Apr 1995
Hendrik Johannes Gibson b: 11 May 1971
Natashia Mostert b: 15 Jul 1975
Nathen Gibson b: 13 Aug 2003
Sean Gibson b: 22 Oct 2008
Melanie de Beer b: 8 Apr 1970
Sune Gibson b: 21 Oct 1992
Vanessa Gibson b: 16 Aug 1995
James Caleb William Gibson b: 8 Apr 1948 d: 12 Mar 2008
Gilbert John Gibson b: 11 Mar 1894 d: 26 Aug 1978
Bertha Margaretha Griessel b: 11 Jul 1900 d: 29 Jun 1960
Aletta Naomi Gibson b: 22 Sep 1935
Frederik Johannes Strauss b: 8 Jun 1933 d: 20 Nov 1984
Elaine Strauss Dr b: 8 Aug 1963
Neville Chamberlain b: 8 Sep 1959
Sebastian Chamberlain b: 6 Apr 1997
Thomas Chamberlain b: 30 Nov 1999
Frederick Johannes Strauss b: 13 Oct 1986
Laura Strauss b: 21 Sep 1989
Gilbert John Strauss b: 16 Mar 1958
Marietta Strauss b: 8 Aug 1961
Eric Anton Gert Jordaan b: 14 Nov 1951
Elsie Sophia Gibson b: 5 Mar 1922 d: 21 Dec 1991
Dirk van Breda du Toit b: 22 Jun 1912 d: 24 Mar 1977
Bertha Margaretha du Toit b: 15 Nov 1953
Jan Abraham Pienaar b: 8 Jun 1950
Elsa Sophia Pienaar b: 16 Nov 1979
Angelinus Cornelius Franke b: 15 Aug 1976
Karel Franke b: 9 Nov 2011
Margaretha Franke b: 3 Apr 2009
Jacobus Arnoldus Pienaar b: 8 Apr 1977
Helena Els b: 18 Jun 1978
Bertha Margaretha Pienaar b: 16 Dec 2010
Jan Abraham Pienaar b: 19 Apr 2007
Wilma Alida Pienaar b: 2 Mar 2005
Miemie Pienaar b: 30 Mar 1983
Gilbert John du Toit b: 20 Apr 1951 d: 5 Mar 1972
Willem Daniel du Toit b: 9 Feb 1948
Kathleen Janice Porter b: 31 Dec 1962
Barbara Smit b: 27 Aug 1954
Barbara du Toit b: 8 Nov 1985
Ruwan Combrink b: 26 Mar 1985
Elsie Sophia du Toit b: 18 Apr 1979
Jacque Daniel Retief b: 22 Sep 1976
Danielle Retief b: 17 Sep 2009
Jacques Daniel Retief b: 10 May 2011
Mignon Retief b: 6 Sep 2007
Elsje Sophia du Toit b: 22 Mar 1984
Cillie Okkert Malan b: 30 Mar 1983
Stefanus van Breda du Toit b: 11 Jun 1977
Magretha Jacoba van Niekerk b: 14 May 1980
Anya du Toit b: 15 Apr 2012
Johan David Gideon Gibson b: Abt 1926 d: 27 Jun 1990
Gilbert John Gibson b: 7 Nov 1953
Ellen Barbra Schoeman b: 8 Sep 1959
Magdalena (Maxie) Gibson b: 8 Feb 1982
Rosa Gibson b: 4 Jan 1980
Lene du Plessis b: 27 Nov 2003
Margaretha Bertha Gibson b: 16 Nov 1961
Deone Claasens b: 22 Mar 1991
Engela Claasens b: 27 Nov 1984
Thamarie Claasens b: 27 Feb 1989
Margaretha Elizabeth Gibson b: 11 Sep 1951
Adolf Johannes Prinsloo b: 25 Nov 1978
John David Prinsloo b: 21 Nov 1975
Mamare Prinsloo b: 18 Aug 1999
Naude Prinsloo Prinsloo b: 4 Nov 2002
William Francis Parker Gibson b: 11 Jul 1924 d: 21 Jul 2003
Bertha Margaretha Gibson b: 21 Jan 1951
Pieter Erns Boshoff b: 6 Feb 1950 d: 16 Nov 2011
Catherina Maria Gibson b: 27 Jun 1949
Stefanus Sebastian Vivier b: 14 Sep 1948
Carin Vivier b: 26 Dec 1973 d: 6 Jan 1974
Catharina Maria Vivier b: 27 Jul 1976
Hendrik Jacobus Vivier b: 12 Mar 1972
Christina Vivier b: 7 Sep 1982
Daniel Barreto Gonzalez b: 22 Feb 1980
Sylvia Barreto Vivier b: 5 Feb 2012
Gilbert John Gibson b: 27 Nov 1963
Emmarentia Hester Strauss b: 12 Jun 1967
William Francis Gibson b: 4 Nov 2003
Mariana Gibson b: 1 Aug 1954
Otto Dreyer b: 1980
Mia van de Wall b: 2012
Nadine Leclercq b: 1979
James Nathaniel Frederick Gibson b: 9 Apr 1892 d: 26 Aug 1978
Mary Sarah Gibson b: 14 Sep 1970
Alma Fourie b: 8 Mar 1951
Louise Philippus Fourie b: 9 Feb 1953
Maria Magdalena Fourie b: 7 Jul 1954
Guillaume Bruwer b: 19 Dec 2005
Mirreille Bruwer b: 12 Feb 2007
Ruben Nathaniel Gibson b: Aug 1901 d: 21 Oct 1901
Irene Lettice Gibson b: Nov 1905 d: 6 Mar 1915
Nathaniel Schnehage b: 27 Mar 1846 d: 21 Sep 1907
Otto Schnehage b: 27 Mar 1842 d: 3 Dec 1842
Otto Schnehage b: 26 Apr 1840 d: 26 Apr 1840
Family Group Sheet - Child
MFriederich Peter Schnehage
Birth1 Mar 1811Altona Hamburg, Germany
Death6 Sep 1888Winburg, South Africa
Marriage26 Jun 1839to Margerethe Henrietta Vradelmina Muller at Altona, Hamburg (DN)
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Friederich Peter Schnehage
Birth1 Mar 1811Altona Hamburg, Germany
Death6 Sep 1888 Winburg, South Africa
Marriage26 Jun 1839to Margerethe Henrietta Vradelmina Muller at Altona, Hamburg (DN)
PARENT (F) Margerethe Henrietta Vradelmina Muller
Birth24 Jan 1822Kopenhagen, Denmark
Death6 May 1909 Winburg, Orange Freestate, South africa
Marriage26 Jun 1839to Friederich Peter Schnehage at Altona, Hamburg (DN)
FatherJoachim Johann Heinrich Muller
MCaleb Schnehage
Birth1863Winburg, South Africa
Death21 Jul 1934Winburg, South Africa
MFriederich Peter Schnehage
Birth10 Sep 1854Winburg, Free State, South Africa
Death1887Drown at see
MJohannes Schnehage
BirthOct 1849Winburg, South Africa
Death3 Apr 1927Vredefort, Orange Free State
Marriage1871to Cornelia Jacoba Oosterlaak at Kimberley, South Africa
FLydia Schnehage
Birth10 Oct 1852Winburg, South Africa
Death4 Sep 1942Hamburg, Germany
MarriageMar 1887to William Henry Aspden at Bloemfontein Magistrate offices
FMaria Schnehage
Birth22 Nov 1856Winburg, South Africa
Death16 Nov 1930Hamburg, Germany
Marriageto Maria Schnehage at unmarried
FMartha Margaretha Schnehage
Birth10 Dec 1843Winburg, Free State, South Africa
Death24 Jan 1876Pietermarizburg, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa
Marriage3 Jun 1861to James Gibson at Winburg, South Africa
MNathaniel Schnehage
Birth27 Mar 1846Winburg, South Africa
Death21 Sep 1907Doornpoort, Winburg
MOtto Schnehage
Birth27 Mar 1842Graaff Reinet, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Death3 Dec 1842Graaff Reinet, Eastern Cape, South Africa
MOtto Schnehage
Birth26 Apr 1840Graaf Reinet, South Africa
Death26 Apr 1840Graaf Reinet, South Africa